Tshirt Poloshirt made from 100% cotton 17 colours  ready to ship in BKK

Tshirt Poloshirt by JI shop, we made t-shirt from 100 % cotton fabric which produce from our own fabric factory.

We making our tshirt poloshirt by design the pattern with our style.
We are concern on the comfortable of the customers,when you ware our tshirt you will find the impression of the body and the fabric. You will look different from the other. Our product is focus on the quality not price competitive so price will refer to the real cost. Sometime some customer who looking for stock price and sell in the real price.

The style that be you , smart , be fit and comfort.
Just try our JI t-shirt and you will be fine.

Want to order our tshirt contact us by
E mail : riverjrpn@gmail.com
Line iD : jrpnsakda
Tell 666-3653944

We have 17 colorful according to our own code. Look and order from our shirt shop

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/kcottonshirt

Tshirt Poloshirt 01